How to create a link between the large courtyards and the surrounded small streets and improve the courtyards functioning more like an extension of the public realm of Madrid?

What we found through our research was very different from our expectations. We were requested by the Conde Duque Museum, to conduct a welcoming design for their courtyards, promoting the qualities that the people surrounding Conde Duque needed. However, what we found in reality, was an unclear, uninviting and oppressive space. We were not able to gather and testing our designs in the courtyards.

Therefore, I created an installation Afterimage outside the building to raise the attention of the pedestrians and awareness of this issue. Afterimage is a series of silhouettes figures of people who used to be inside the courtyards. They were permitted to set up vintage markets and performances but have no right to stay in the space for other periods. The silhouettes figures represented each of us who desire public engagement but are restricted by the controlingness.

The Matter Of Void

A large element of our design relies on audience engagement, without them the experience is nothing. Combining with other two prototypes made by my team mates, we finalised our design as an immersive sound experience with the elements of playfulness, sound and controllingness.

The Matter of Void is an immersive sound experience where visitors are invited to make the square their own by making music, only to be silenced by the other visitors who try to take control. An installation piece which reflects on the tension between the desire to create and play and the reality of physical and curatorial control which institutions can wield.

King Wang Samuel Li
Installation and Storyboard
Amelia Baldi Architecture
James Nasmyth Curator and Writer
Maria Rugeles Garrido Art and Architecture
Vy Tran Engineer and Artist
Woojin Lee Graphic Design