SITE #12

9th to 12th July 2016 in Light Eye Mind

96 hours group performance

1. Performers must be dressed in black at all times
2. Performers may not talk during at any time throughout the performance
3. Each performer will be given an allowance of 12 hours to exit the space
4. Performers must cook and have dinner together at 7pm each day in the space
5. Each performer will be given a stack of 100 sheets of A4 Paper, and a marker
6. No phones and other forms of entertainment are to be used in the space
7. Performers can bring their own toiletries and change of clothing
8. Each performer will have one identical pillow, and one identical blanket
9. The performance will last for 96 hours

The site becomes a laboratory, where people and ideas are tested, problems are negotiated, and boundaries are challenged. We convened and inhabited the Light Eye Mind space, sleeping, eating, and performing together. The performance is always changing, never frozen and never repeated, with no clear beginnings and ends.