installlation with mixed media, ink On canvas,
wooden seals, audio
W500cm x H200cm x D500cm, 00h:31m:21s

It is not simply a personal nostalgia or a Chinese ink painting installation, but a process of tracing an unknown world of ancestors with limitations in inheritance. Everyone has their own ancestors. They are close to us genetically, but we don’t know them much. I chose to learn more about them. Everything was inspired by my genealogy that recorded the family trees, folklores in recent generations and ancient graveyard maps drawn by my ancestors...Tried to learn all the legacy from my ancestors, although there were only small parts of the whole history left in 26 generations. Knew each ancestor’s name and their graveyard maps, although the stories of ancestors and locations of maps were lost. Translated and presented great grandfather and grandfather’s folklores in 3 languages, which used to be only passed by my grandmother. If we wouldn’t treasure those small parts, what would be left?

Exhibition : Anomalous Forms

The Crypt Gallery (St Pancras)
St Pancras Parish Church, Euston Road, NW1 2BA London
24th - 26th July 2018

A group show at St Pancras Crypt Gallery presents three days of interactive installation, video, sculptures and performance.

With various nationality, departments and practices, 10 artists brought together by chance in the UK and our fascination towards the architecture of the Crypt gallery bridge our drastic differences of art language, media and nationality. We produced individually for the Crypt and arranged to present as a unified whole, in a diversity of themes, we explored the potential of human interaction through film, performance, installation, photography and sculptures.