Beyond The Commons

How can the museum open to the public by creating a new common ground that allows hosting various events to welcome people and maximize the use of the space?

Beyond the COMMONS is an urban intervention that aims at turning the surroundings of the Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo into a community asset. It consists of a sequence of multiple installations recalling the memory of the tunnel of hope and translates it into a framework to collect new narratives for the future.

Spatial Structure

The installations are pavillions, observatoriums and stairways. With the high flexibility, route guidance and comfortable environment setting, it would enhance creating a new common ground that allows the building of the future narrative, for example, music concert, seminar, vintage market and other events.  The stairway installation connects the Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Cafe Tito and the playground. It would guide pedestrians to visit other spots and discover other installations at a higher level of floor.


The installations are designed for the public area surrounding the Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The sequence of the installations would begin from Zmaja od Bosne and end at Vilsonovo šetalište.

King Wang Samuel Li Installation design
Sara Coppa Industrial design
Paolo Di Gennaro Interior design
Tarit Gautham Architecture
Maria Rugeles Garrido Art and Architecture
Yetzi Yin Spatial design